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02-11-2003, 12:38 PM
I regret to inform the Lightwave community that the organizers and hosts of the Boston Area Lightwave User's Group (BALUG) at Northeastern University have decided to stop hosting the User Group, and stop teaching and interacting with Lightwave at all. The gentleman involved, Mr. Ed Andrews, sent the following message out to the group list:

Dear BALUG members

I regret to inform you that Northeastern will no longer be hosting the Lightwave Users Group meetings.

At their peak, the BALUG meetings were an exciting forum for learning new techniques and seeing quality animation work. My students and I benefited enormously from the monthly meetings with you.

In addition, some of my students have been able to find excellent jobs in animation though their exposure at BALUG meetings. I canét thank you enough for giving them this valuable opportunity.

So why stop now?

Northeastern has been making a transition to Maya in our animation courses. It is my responsibility to serve the long-range interests of my students and I sincerely believe that this is the best path for the program at Northeastern. The decision was not easy and many things were considered before making the switch.

I hope that your experiences with Northeastern have been meaningful and will persevere. I assure you that our appreciation for Lightwave endures and we continue to recognize all of the things that it does so well.

Best of luck to each of you and to the Boston Area Lightwave community.


Ed Andrews

NOTE: Anyone wishing to reorganize the Lightwave Users Group can obtain the mailing list of members by contacting me directly.