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05-18-2004, 02:47 AM
Hi Guys,

I'm not sure if it has been asked, but with LW8 I can't find the Background Conform tool.

The help system states it is somewhere like Modify, Transform(?), More....but it's not there (at work right now so can't be sure of route). I have looked in the PlugIns search under conform, BGConform, Background (and variations), but nothing comes up.

I have searched this forum but can't seem to find if anyone else has had this problem, but can't find any topics specifically...

I believe on the Yahoo LW forum Dan mentioned it was definately in the route mentioned, but I have to say (for me anyway) it isn't...

Anyone else point me in the right direction?


Kevin McPoland

05-18-2004, 03:42 AM
Yep that's where it is Modify > Transform > More > BGConform

If you can't find it, maybe rescan your plugin directory

05-18-2004, 03:47 AM
Thanks Riki, I'll give it a go when I get home...

Kevin McPoland

05-18-2004, 09:25 AM
I had the same problem, I found it in the Legacy folder and rescanned it.

05-18-2004, 11:19 AM
Ah nice one! I was wondering that myself yesterday when I saw it in the help file but couldn't find it anywhere.

05-18-2004, 11:24 AM
Actually, looking for it I can't find it in the legacy folder either.

05-18-2004, 01:44 PM
Okay....think I need some guidance from Newtek here....

I have re-scanned the plugIns folder for BGConform (and variations). If finds it, but shows the file as Spherize.p

The Help file shows Spherize as a simple "convert object to sphere" type plug, but even then, I cant find that anywhere either...

NewTek, can you shed any light here please...


Kevin McPoland

05-18-2004, 02:20 PM
I dunno your answer, but would this do what you want?


05-18-2004, 02:26 PM
Thanks FaeKitty, I have downloaded that and still not loaded it, but without BGConform I guess my options are running out...

Kevin McPoland

05-18-2004, 05:46 PM
It's part of Spherize.p Load that and you'll have BGConform

05-18-2004, 10:06 PM
Yep, it's just part of that plugin file .. like a plugin within a plugin. Rename spherize.p to bgconform.p if it makes you feel any better, the bgconform plugin in the file will still be the same ;)

05-19-2004, 02:01 AM
Thanks Riki/Karmacop,

I'm suprised that my installation didn't load the same as everyone else's seems to have, if I'm one of the few that didn't have it load automatically...could there be different builds sent out? :confused:

Ah well, it doesn't really matter I guess, I'll try again with the Spherize.p when I get home... :)


Kevin McPoland

05-19-2004, 03:21 AM
I could be wrong but I don't think Legacy Plugins are loaded by default. I always add everything myself, just to be doubly sure.

05-19-2004, 08:37 AM
Na, legacy stuff isn't added normally. I only added it because I use sphereize and bgconform a lot. Does anyone rememberthat bgconform plus plugin? That was much better than the normal bgconform, but i think it stopped working with 7 :\

08-20-2004, 11:26 AM
if all plugins are loaded in lw8, BG Conform can be found in "utilities, plugins, additional", at least thats where mine is