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05-17-2004, 08:38 PM
This is a plea for enlightenment. Ever since my Amiga guru left me, I have been adrift.

Seriously though, I have been at LightWave since 3.5, and for many years I have made good money producing quality animations for video production houses in the tri-state area. I even teach the program to teens in summer school programs. When version 6 came along, I went to Topeka for a crash course to get on top of it quickly.

Now that 8 is here, I am very pleased with the Modeling enhancements (I love modeling objects!), but I am extremely perplexed and frustrated at not comprehending the methods of rigging and manipulating the rig, as illustrated in all the example scenes. It appears that each contributor has his/her own method of rigging, using sliders or unusual widgets. As I poke and paw at them, I realize quickly that I haven't a clue what I am doing, and there is no clear info on how it all hangs together and how to build it from scratch.

Am I missing something that is already out there? The Help html and the video clips are cool and tantalizing but insufficient. I'm a fairly bright guy, and can intuit a lot of stuff, but this has me stumped. So I'm asking all of you, what is out there in that murky sea of web tutorials that will make the new rigging paradigm clear? Or is it a matter of waiting for Ablan's new Inside LW tome?

Sean Hannon

p.s. how do I put a picture to the left of my posts as I see others do?

05-17-2004, 09:07 PM
lots of info out there for rigging and more on teh way....start here:


Check out ALbee's book on rigging

Todd Grimes Video on Rigging

Jonny Gorden's book on rigging (out soon)


05-18-2004, 07:59 AM
I appreciate the quick reply, Proton. Can you tell me if there are rigging techniques that are considered the preferred or "best" approach? The thing is, there are so many approaches to it on the net, some rather old ones, and I would like to avoid those vestigial tutorials that are no longer considered the way to go.

Case in point, I bought the video "Character Animation Setup" by Brian Freisinger a few years back at SIGGRAPH and started to dive into it. Shortly after I bought it, though, I heard Brian say that he rigs his models totally differently since the video was made. That puts a real damper on how much time to invest in learning a technique that has been deprecated.

I also have Dan Ablan's 4 DVD set called "Character Builder". I haven't explored the rigging part yet. But as it is more recent, and geared toward 7.5, I have hope that it will be a solid base from which to comprehend the rigs in 8. Would you know if that is likely?

I will keep an eye out for Todd Grimes' video, as well as Gordon and Albee's books. Thanks for the heads up.


p.s. do you know how I can place a picture below my name to the left of the post?

John Kelly
05-19-2004, 09:02 AM
Just at the top of the forum page, but below the browser window menu bar is a thin list of forum options. White text on light gray, very easy to overlook. Select User CP, then Options, and at the bottom of the page is the Avatar menu.
You will need to upload a tiny graphic from your computer or webpage.

I'm nearly in the same boat as you, btw. I don't have 8 yet, but i've been kicking around here since version 2 when I accidently hit that funny LW button on the video toaster.


05-19-2004, 02:19 PM
There is no 1 way to rig something, you need to learn all the ways of rigging something to be a rigger. Any tutorial that's shown in LW 6 or higher will be valuable.

Do every tutorial you can because no one of them is 'the' proper way to do it - every model is different, how it's modeled and how it's going to be used makes a huge difference too. You have to know how bones affect geometry, how to adjust a model and it's weight maps, etc. And like programming, a lot of the work is 'debugging' - you have to learn what the common errors and mis-conceptions are.

I can do it ok now but only after struggling with it about a dozen times over the last 3 years -