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05-17-2004, 09:06 AM
Newtek and friends of Newtek,
If my angst over the delivery of my copy of LW8 has offended anyone or not followed policy, I apologize. It's not my intent to stir up trouble or be non-professional in any way. Once again, it was never or will never be my intent to offend anyone or go against policy.
(Still waiting for LW8 though),

05-17-2004, 09:40 AM
Hi, Ed!

No apologies necessary, Ed, and our apologies that we may have alarmed you - please rest assured that no offense has been taken from your expressions of your concerns. We're doing our best to get the upgrades fulfilled as quickly as possible. It's a big job and like any big job, it is taking some time.

If we were able to respond to all of the public messages asking for information on the status for a particular customer, we would. We don't have the capacity to do so, however, especially as most of the staff who regularly participate and moderate here are in fact heavily involved in projects that are keeping us away from the forum. Given that, it has become clear that having an endless number of threads and posts on the fulfillment process is just not productive at all. We're taking a bit of time to do some moderation work in that regard this morning.

We would appreciate patience and the understanding that the services intended to answer these questions, our Customer Services staff, are doing their best with the information they have and will answer any queries, though it may take some time by email, and that such queries and comments need to be directed there.

We will post general news and information about the status as we have it and as we have time from production duties. Please direct any comments or suggestions to Customer Services or to me by private message or email, and they will be directed to the appropriate managers.