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05-14-2004, 12:06 AM
Its nice that Move Plus makes use of right mouse button to perform movement along the local normal.

This is a step closer to something LightWave is missing:

* a simulation of a 3D input device.

General concept:

* Move on 3 orthogonal axes, without setting up axes, or switching back and forth between different panes.

- - - - -
Idea 1. Recommend the following option for Move Plus:

* "in-out":
when this option is selected, the right mouse button controls movement NORMAL TO THE SCREEN,
calculated at the average of the selected points,
(instead of the current "local normal").

Why? Because then you could move in all 3-dimensions without switching between panes or tools -- simply by left-clicking versus right-clicking.

Any hope of getting such a modification made to Move Plus, to turn it into "Move3D"?

- - - - -
Idea 2. Another variation:

* "MoveNormal3D":
.. "Movement along a surface, and normal to that surface".

LW 8 already has logic for "LOCAL NORMAL",
as used on right-mouse button of Move Plus.

How about a tool with a set of axes based on LOCAL NORMAL?
The left mouse button would move points along their local surface, the right mouse button would move on their normal.

Like this:

Calculate the plane which is perpendicular to local normal.
Now find two orthogonal axes of that plane:
"left-right on surface" axis is (normalized) cross-product of "local normal" and "view up-down" axis
[The axis that Move uses when mouse moves up-down].
"up-down on surface" axis is (normalized) cross-product of "local normal" and "left-right on surface" axis.

CAUTION: must special case when "local normal" is IN the screen's plane -- force one axis to "in-out" of screen, then 3rd axis is cross-product of "local normal" and "in-out".

- - - - -
Idea 3: A similar tool to "Move3D" would be "Drag3D":
Optionally select a set of points,
then activate a "Drag3D" tool,
so can adjust the different points one-at-a-time.

Similar to "Move3D" proposal,
This tool is "Drag" when left-click on a point,
and is "in-out" [MOVE NORMAL TO SCREEN] when right-click on a point.

[Instead of right-clicking, I'd rather hold down one of the Meta keys (shift, ctrl, or alt), but I'll take whatever I can get. The meta-key is more important in the "Drag3D" than in "Move3D", because once you've carefully grabbed a particular point, you want to drag it around in all 3 dimensions without letting go of it.]

- - - - -
NOTE: also would be good to CHANGE LightWave's grab logic in the existing Drag. If several points are selected, then Drag is chosen, it should be possible to rotate view such that points are BEHIND other polygons, yet still grab such a point for dragging.

Currently, the selection logic sees the polygon, not the point behind it - a design which makes sense when no points are selected [otherwise it would be too easy to accidentally grab back-side points in a dense model], but makes it hard to grab points buried in a surface.

Or at least change so that points can be selected behind a SEMI-TRANSPARENT surface material.

Consider a model with two surfaces, one inside the other. The surfaces are in two layers. Sometimes hard to see what is happening, with one layer as background, just showing wireframe. So make outer layer 50% transparent, so can see its shape, as turn the view. Then want to grab points "inside" and adjust them, while watching the relationship between the two surfaces.

-- ToolmakerSteve

05-14-2004, 12:22 AM
Similar "3D" variations of Magnet and DragNet would also be quite useful.

Again, holding down a "Meta" key to activate 3rd axis is most desireable, for rapid switching back-and-forth without dropping the point -
though "RMB" is acceptable.