View Full Version : [email protected] DVD just got better!

05-13-2004, 07:55 PM
OK, we delayed the shipping date of the DVD for the second week in a row in order to give a couple more 3rd Party content providers time to include FREE STUFF!

Now we really are closing the books, finalizing the master disc, and setting a not-to-be-changed shipping date of May 20. I know, I know, NAB was a month ago, but this DVD has turned out to be a bargain just for the bonus content, much less the couple of hours worth of NewTek demos & interviews at the NAB booth!

Here's the final tally:

- The triumphant return of the Don & Ralph Show
- Lightwave 8 demo by William Vaughn
- VT3 demo by Paul Lara
- Interviews/demos with VT3 studs Tim Johnson and Rich Helvey
- Two free scenes from 3D Arsenal for VT3
- Royalty-free stock video clips for use in your VT3/Lightwave projects
- Lightwave tutorial videos by Larry Shultz, Wes "kurv" Beckwith, and Dan Ablan
- A hefty amount of graphic content/DVEs from DiscreetFX's Spontaneous Combustion, SciFiFX and FantasyFX, as well as an exclusive discounted price for Spontaneous Conbustion!

Order it now at www.newtekatnab.com