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05-12-2004, 06:25 PM
Lightwave should automatically update any images that have been changed or edited whenever it is open on screen. That means that when you are drawing the texture map in Photoshop, when you click back over to LW, the texture is already updated so that you can see how your changes are working.

I hate having to open LW, open up the image editor, select the old image, click replace image, search for the new image, click it, and then close the image editor just to see if a few lines I drew are in the right place or not.

It drives me crazy. This is a really easy to accomplish feature, and it just has never been integrated. It could probably even be done with an LScript.

That's what I want to see.

05-12-2004, 07:24 PM
That would have to be done via the plugin, such as the way BodyPaint does it. It wouldn't be practical to have LW constantly checking to see if an image has changed. In doing that LW would have to constantly loop to check it. It's not impractical when a plugin has to do this.

05-12-2004, 09:43 PM
Maybe there should be a refresh button in lw...to update any image that has been changed :D

Also..it would be really cool if you can copy an image in photoshop and paste it directly into the image editor in lw:D


05-13-2004, 11:06 AM
gjjackson: Not necessarily. All you'd have to do is write a little snippet of code that basically says:

1. Is there only one view(perspective) open?(It would automatically disable if you had all four viewports open)

2. Is the shading mode set to "texture"? (If no, disable. You don't need to refresh the textures if you can't even see them)

3. If the answer is yes to 1 &2, reload textures every time focus is taken away from Lightwave and then returned (aka "every time you select another program and then return to Modeler")

Granted, using this method, your images would only refresh if you had the perspective window open, and the shading mode set to "texture". But, that's how I check my textures. I never have more than one view open, and it makes no sense to have the program running all the time. You only need it to run once every time you return to Lightwave.

05-13-2004, 11:08 AM
Not to mention, you could even have a box in the display options to enable or disable it, so that you could only have it work when you wanted to.

edit: This is really making me want to learn more about LScripting. I'm sure that this is possible, I just don't know how to write it.

05-13-2004, 11:59 AM
Blabberlicious found a smart workaround for updating images (can't remember the thread name though). It basically requires you to save your file like it's an image sequence, some 00's at the end of the file name, load the image as an image sequence then whenever you've amended the image file just step forward a frame and the image is reloaded.

You could do a search for the origainal thread as I think it's explained a lot better than I just have.

05-13-2004, 03:48 PM
I've tried it and it works okay, but not great. You still have to move the timeline, which means either moving it with your mouse, or just hitting the left or right key. Not to mention that you can only move the timeline in Layout. I'm looking for a way to do this in Modeler. I like to play with the textures, adjust the geometry, and move the UV's when I need to, with as few clicks as possible.

Someone once summed it up like this:
If you sat down and calculated just how many useless clicks you've had to make just to accomplish something simple and how much time it's taken, they'd add up to quite a bit. So, basically, everytime you have to add that second or third click instead of just one, it's like sucking a small portion of your life away.

Having to manually refresh the image each time sucks a whole lot of my life away.

05-13-2004, 05:35 PM
Originally posted by fungusmonkey
reload textures every time focus is taken away from Lightwave and then returned (aka "every time you select another program and then return to Modeler")

I came to the same conclusion last night :D

But it would be easier if lightwave stored the modification date property of each image.

That way, once you return to modeler or layout from photoshop or any other app this happens:

Modeler or layout checks to see if there are any images in the image editor.

If yes, it then compares the stored modification date property with the current modification date property of the image.

If that has changed it just replaces that image only.


05-13-2004, 06:01 PM
Well, that seals it. I can't find a way to do it, so I'm going to have to try to do it myself. Anybody know where to find good LScript tutorials?