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05-12-2004, 10:36 AM
Although I haven't received my copy of 8 yet I've been playing with a copy sent to me by someone that received extra copies.

OS info --- W2K SP4

Among the problems I've noticed are:

In Layout the 'Image Editor' tab (upper left) was missing completely. Also - the listed shortcut to open it doesn't work. Yes .... those keys work fine when used in other shortcuts.

But - after I opened surface editor and used it to load an image the 'Image Editor' tab showed up the next time I opened Layout. The shortcut keys still don't work.

Second - when in light/properties the current light field displays only the base name of lights having the same base name instead of xxxx(1), xxxx(2), etc. But the full name shows up in the drop down selector box. Very time wasting to have to constantly click on the drop down to make sure you're tweaking the correct light. As almost all of my work is photo-realistic I tend to use several lights grouped by name to show function and this shortcoming is very annoying. Still haven't found a way to change a light's name other than reverting to the classic scene editor.

The new integrated spreadsheet is hard to use - managed to find the correct setup to lock movement channels only once and then it didn't seem to work very well. Refused to lock some channels that were selected and sometimes altered channels that weren't selected. Haven't been able to find that function again - maybe it crashed and doesn't show up? Too bad the classic spreadsheet isn't available as well.

In general I've found that many of the 'workflow improvements' are detrimental to my workflow. I rarely use - nor want to use - keyboard shortcuts as many of them require taking my hand off the mouse. So burying common commands under an edit or window tab is inconvenient.

At the moment it's so awkward to use that I've uncovered only maybe twenty or so other quirks/bugs/annoyances.

All in all I like 8 but hope newtek comes out with some patches (that work) soon - along with a pdf manual. Otherwise it'll be time to buy Acrobat mastering software and convert those useless html files - something that just plain shouldn't have to be done with software of this calber - into one pdf file so I don't have to follow twenty pointers to other documents and then search them for the info I need.