View Full Version : HardFX: Fracture

05-11-2004, 04:57 PM
As i understand, there is currently no button that allows LW8 to calculate the secondary break up of an object from an initial point of colision.

Is this correct?

I'd like to be able to have a bullet fly through a glass and have 2 things: 1. fragments burst out in the sections the bullet directly touches [this already can happen easily] and 2. the remaining piece of the cup, fractures into large pieces which fall/slide down to the ground. [doesn't quite exist].

I suppose, with some more forethought, this could be modeled and rigged to work, but secondary "fracture" calculation button would be great, if it's not too calculation intensive.

If an actual physical calculation of the fracture lines are too processor expensive, then it could be faked by using preset "line map" that creates new polygons based on the map and unwelds the the polygons based on the map lines.

Then, just have a numver of preset maps, like 10, to add variety to the fractures and you're set.

So, a turn on button named "Fracture", a drop down menu for choosing the Fracture Map, a field for determining the Fracture Map size, a box for checking "Random Size" to make different size maps per initial collision point on the same object, and make a "Random Map" check box to use a different map per initial collision point on the same object.

That should do it.