View Full Version : NAB Party Final Update...really!

05-11-2004, 04:30 PM
Sorry it took so long to sort out, (been swamped), but I have the final tally of the party donations and details.

The Party costs came to $3,714.75. I just finished haggling with the MGM over us being moved twice in the week before NAB and they discounted the room for us.
The donations were $$4977.20 in advance and $422.00 at the door for a total of $5,399.20.
This left a total excess balance of $1,684.45 which by popular demand is being refunded to Digital Juice for covering my arse early in the game.
I sent Digital Juice a check today.

IN CASE WE DO IT AGAIN NEXT YEARI知 negotiating with the Las Vegas Hilton for next year, but everything has to go through NAB and that is moving VERY slowly. Arrrggg!
The Hilton seems to be more friendly about the room rental fees, so I値l continue with them for now.

Thanks again to everyone who helped with the party in so many ways. I won稚 go into names other then Ron, We 3 Multi Media and Digital Juice, for fear of forgetting someone, but you know who you are!!!

I think the idea of 3rd party vendors was a BIG hit, so IF we do the Party next year, I値l be looking into doing that again.
If anyone has other ideas, let me know.

Take care. Maybe we値l see you next year.