View Full Version : hypervoxels doubler / Hyper Voxels as a pixel filter

05-10-2004, 11:40 AM
I've run into some very good tutorials on explosions that mention using hypervoxels doubler and adding LW_HyperVoxels in the Pixel Filter slot. These plugins are available there in version 8 (I'm not sure if they were originally there or if I inadvertantly added them.) They don't work, and error messages appear when I try to use them (such as hypervoxels V<3, plugin preview.p does not exist (for the LW_HyperVoxels plugin under PIXEL FILTERS) and cannot create object file (HyperVoxels Doubler).

Most of the tutorials are kind of old, so, are these two plugins supported by Lightwave 8 (or even 7) or are they old plugins that are obsolete, and have been replaced by something else/a new hypervoxel architexture?

10-17-2005, 09:40 PM
Im having similar problem with HV3.0 in LW 7.5d. With a new scene (or at anytime) if I try to add the hypervoxels pixel filter plugin I get the error hypervoxels V<3: Must add the plugin DGALLERY.P. I dont have this plugin so I dont know what to do with it either

10-18-2005, 03:43 AM
Sadly, Hypervoxels doubler is no longer with us. :(
This was very cool as it effectively halved the voxel rez, thus speeding up the process time. Now, to do the same, you have to render just HV's at half rez then composite them in.
I really wish they'd bring back some of the old functionality we've lost along the way.