View Full Version : Intel cancels developmentof 64bit processors

05-10-2004, 09:11 AM
They're latest 64 bit model 'Tejas' will not be developed any further, because it produces to much heat. Instead they are now concentrating on the Pentium-M processors.

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05-11-2004, 03:32 AM
...Time was when I would have been THRILLED to see AMD stomp Intel. But...now I'm a VT owner and I have, of necessity, become a Xeon fan. I don't like seeing the Tejas puke.

I REALLY hope Andrew Cross and the rest of the crew are up to speed on AMD and the Opteron chips. If the VT code was refined for AMD then we could use this Tyan board.

Why use 2 when you can have 4 !!!

05-11-2004, 09:33 AM
Another consideration is what does Intel's cancellation of 64-bit cpu development do to/for Microsoft's plans to release 64-bit versions of Windows? Correct me if I'm wrong:D , but right now there's only a specialized, esoteric high-end server version of Windows that's 64-bit, with a desktop/workstation version somewhere in beta-ville.

While it would be kewl if the public's burning demand for 64-bit computing caused every software vendor to develop AMD/Linux versions of their products, I'm not holding my breath. "Wintel" pretty much sums up reality as it be.

I'm curious as to what all this "dual core" noise is about. What does that (theoretically) get us, and would it be transparent to all the other hardware we have now (D'OH!!!)?

05-11-2004, 10:05 AM
"Wintel" is starting to become more and more, an anachronism. Maybe it will be "WAMD" :)

"Dual core", I believe, is dividing up the internal processors within a single CPU into separate cores on the same chip. The potential benefit is better heat dissipation, which would potentially allow even higher speeds.