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02-11-2003, 10:51 AM
1. “Cull backface off” option

2. “Lock transform axis” (xyz) by separate buttons or some gizmo… like in XSI… will give more control than one ctrl+ button that often give the wrong axis.

3. :confused: “WHAT is the reason backspace and “Ctrl+h” the same key short cut (in modeler)? There are more keys that are linked! So I say: Lightwave need better support for keyboard keys…

4. Better options to handle backdrops (background images) in modeler. I want to flip the image horizontally. And I want to translate rotate and scale the background in the viewport (I like it how you do it in Animation Master) and not like now with scrollbars! It is slow and troublesome. And I WANT to be able to reaload the background image without having to restart the application.

5. :confused: I don’t like the fact you lose the background image in modeler if you have switch from orthogonal view to perspective view and than back to orthogonal view. The background image is gone!

6. In opposite to several sayings - I like that Lightwave have kept Layout and Modeler apart. It keeps each program easy to manage and customize. And I think that if you would bake allot of stuff into the core of Lightwave will make it as unstable as any other 3d application. (I am thinking of 3dsmax)