View Full Version : GL Issues?

05-10-2004, 07:14 AM
Can anyone shed some light on an problem that I'm experiencing with modeller. I'm building a room that contains skirting, dado rails etc. which are against the walls.

When viewed in perspective in modeller the elements that are against the wall, such as the architrave, seem to disappear in a sawtooth fashion. This makes accurate use ot the perspective view very difficult.

My graphics card is a GeoForce4 with 64Mg DDR and I have updated the driver without any improvement.
I'm running a 2.2 Ghz Dell with 1gig of Ram.
I have played around with the General/Display Settings without much effect, although altering the perspective ammount seems minimally better.

In layout mode it seems much better, and it renders fine.
Is it a GL problem and if so why does the layout view look so much better? Is it time to buy another graphics card or is it normal?
For clarification I've enclosed two screen shots form Modeller and Layout.

Many Thanks