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05-10-2004, 01:55 AM
Example movie (2,5Mb , mpeg) (http://www.dutchfurs.com/~pegla/cameraproblem.mpg)


I am still using Lightwave 7.5 (I did convince my boss to order LW8, yay!) and I have a small problem.

Currently I am working on a scene where a camera is moving through an alley and is supposed to stop at one point. However, the camera must move slow and gracious.

With the graph editor I do come a long way, however on a few points I do get a bit frustrated:

- When using the Bezier Curve, is there a way to 'reset' the curve? I've been looking all over the place, but to no avail.

- When using the Bezier Curve, it uses a lot of keyframes in the beginning of the curve, but leaves little keyframes for the end of the movement. Is there a way to keep the Bezier curve and to spread the keyframes throughout the motion? Since those sudden accelerations and drops causes the camera to look bumpy.

Also I tried the TCB Spline options, but I still can't get rid of the 'bumpy' effect.

Is there a tool that can be compared to a 'camera arm'? Where you just give in a few co-ordinates and it calculates a nice smooth path through it? I need to be able to make adjustments to it (so a camera splinepath I already tried, but was of little use).

What is the best sollution?

With many regards,