View Full Version : texture mapped PAL movies repeating frames (LW assuming an NTSC framerate)

05-09-2004, 11:22 PM
i came across this a couple of years ago, but forgot about it till now wen it's come up again.

I have some PAL movies (25fps) which i am aplying to a polygon in Lightwave. When I render, i notice roughly every 5th frame within the texture mapped movie is getting repeated. I remember there being something about Lightwave automatically interpreting "animations" as NTSC frame rates (29.97) so stretches my 25 fps footage to match! I think the only way around it originally was to pre-render everything as a targa sequence as then you are under "sequence" rather than "animation" in the image editor, and sequence allows you to specify frame rate....

but this is a real pain, having to pre-render everything again! Surely there must be a fix for this?

thanks, anna