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05-09-2004, 09:16 PM
Before I totally forget what happened, here's a breakdown of what happened at the last meeting...

The usual starter - This time we'd moved rooms to the 1301 computer Lab - Also equipped with projector, it was also roomier, with tables and the like at the end of the room... Ideal munchies location (again, thanks to Stuart for grabbing some!)

A range of videos started things off. RockFish, a short film by Blur Studios, the music video for Muses 'sing for absolution', etc. Plenty of cool CG material to start everybody drooling... :)

I showed some of the anime character work I'd been modelling, and also the Curtiss P40 model I had been texturing. You can check out a WIP progress on the P40 here at the excellent SpinQuad forums - http://www.spinquad.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=872

Ex-AUT student Sue Guan, returning from Singapore where he had been working on some extremely cool CG and media work showed us all some very impressive showreel material, including a cool Anaglyph demo (the red and blue glasses stuff). 'Awesome', is about the only word that I think would describe what he was showing!

I quickly previewed the 4 entries for the competition. Some very cool stuff, and Andrew G showed us a full 30-60 second animation he'd done for the competition, along with his showreel... I need at least 5 entries for this to happen - I received another on the weekend, and now I can announce that there are some professional CG artists from Hollywood (Yes, the USA one!) offering to judge and provide feedback on the entries! So, I'm leaving the upload page up for another week for those who wanted to have a go! Please do, if not for the prize, but for a bit of fun! (Upload those entries at www.kiwavers.org/upload_entry.htm)

Vines, Slithering Slugs, and More!
Larry shultz is a pretty key name in the LW education world at the moment, and not surprising when he comes up with some very cool tips and techniques such as the demo I did with splines, Hypervoxels and particle emitters to create growing vines! For those who missed it, check out 'video1' from Kurv Studios here - www.kurvstudios.com/newteklw8/

Anybody who ever wanted to create cartoon renders in LightWave is probably familiar with superCelshader. I'd been playing a lot lately with the other cool shader BESM (big eyes small mouth) and demo'd it on my Renamon anime character to show how nicely this shader really did work.

I followed this up with the updated UnrealX shader (1.20c) and its new improved edgetracer. This edgetracer now added in 'Randomisation' options and gradients to make it a very powerful tool for creating pen lines and illustration effects!

Don't Cage Me In!
I did a quick demonstration for everyone on how to use MDD to create a deformation lattice over a complex mesh, in this case a ladder coated in round m&m's! :)

BTW, there are some excellent examples of how this tool can be used for hair guides, ropes and more by Jennifer Hachigan, under the gallery section of www.celshader.com

Smoke gets, cough! in your eyes...
Finally, I did a quick demo of how the Smokey procedurals worked, and when applied to volumetric lights actually looked damn hot stuff! :)

See you in two or so weeks for the May meeting!

Kevin Phillips
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05-12-2004, 03:16 AM
I forgot - There was one entry to the LW contest that used C4 plugin to create exploding bricks. This bought up another user who'd been using C4.

I decided I'd demonstrate how to use the LW Particle system, FXLinker and collision objects to create a similiar effect. I also demonstrated how child emitters could be used to add in impact 'puffs' as particles collided and died against a wall...

I think that was everything... It was a great meeting, lots of ideas and talk, which is what its all about, eh!