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05-09-2004, 02:00 PM
now i know that this request has probobly been done to death but i dont think it would kill any one to redo the renderer would it?

05-09-2004, 02:16 PM
Well, they need to rework it not to just be faster, but to have more features such as occlusion, better displacement options, SSS and more.

Either that or open it all up for thrid party renderers, including FPrime...

05-09-2004, 02:26 PM
but why do i have a feeling newtek will be stuborn about this?

05-09-2004, 06:31 PM
Well the fact is they have no choice. You can only use the excuse that the netrenderer is free for so long. If it can't do something...then you'll have to do it somewhere else...

LW is used by a lot of people who either have small networks, or one machine to render on- they MUST either speed things up, add a lot of good features, or both.

Or, open it up to renderers that DO.

There really is no choice for them as they have already lost some $ to people looking for better, faster rendering. Many people found all they needed in FPrime and didn't get 8....

Go ahead and be stuborn NT- If 8.5 or 9 doesn't have a re-haul or a more open arch for other renderers I'm going to move on. It's not a threat...just a fact.

I love NewTek and LW though- so I'm going to hold out and see. Besides I have little choice. While some just need good modeling or rendering, and no soft or hard dynamics, particals etc- I need these things. Still...it at some point becomes a moot point.

I'm very positve though about the new team- they are cleaning up stuff that needed to be fixed a long time ago- and in very short time. I mean- if LW8 didn't have a dope sheet, but had a cute renderer it wouldn't make it any better to animate in. Lets hope they are open minded...

05-09-2004, 08:46 PM
i love lw also because its the first pro app i could afford and you get a lot for what you pay but rendering is an issue that is kinda making me think about just moving to another app later

05-09-2004, 09:14 PM

Do you own FPrime? FPrime really opened my eyes to "...hey...the renderer is SOOO important to 3D (duh) that I don't mind spending a few extra bones for it as long as I get to keep working the way I know..." mentality.

The key here is that I get to keep working the way I know and build off of it. If I move to XYZ I might get the renderer...but I don't want to waste the time re-learning it just when LW is begining to get a little more comfy. In addtion- if they opened it up a lot of modelers and LW people in general would find more work as larger studios that don't already use it would be more likely to plug us and it in to thier system.

In addtion to this it would buy them time to rework modeler and continue to tweak Layout. It's gotta be cheaper to open up the SDK and the HUB then to re-write the renderer right?

Personally I think that LW should do what everyone else and their aunt as done except for one thing- instead of ditching their renderer all together, just work on slowly improving it a bit each release and improve ScreamerNet while keeping it free. In the mean time they should open it up so that the people, like you, who need to do better renders faster CAN. This would make Lightwave a very nice option since you could do SN renders to save money, and still render in another renderer when you needed something extra.

If you don't have FPrime I sugget you scrape the money together to get it...even with its limitations it makes things sooo much better. And regardless of what people who don't own it would say, it is one of the fastest raytracers around- and has the fastest preview (yes even faster than the limited area in XSI). I'd much rather give my money to a small and inventive person like Steve Worley than XYZ corp any day.

If you have a scene that is FPrime friendly I'd be willing to test it out for you in FPrime and post some times for you. Unfortunatly the coolest parts about it take interacting with it to get the wow factor going. If he only had a demo...