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05-09-2004, 03:23 AM
Here are the steps I am taking.

1. select the bone, left thigh bone.
2. choose object properties and open the Deform/MorphMixer properties.

This shows a slider for a morph called leftLegForward. Moving this slider creats a smooth bend at the hip for the left leg.

3. Choose the Graph editor from the MorphMixer panel.
4. Under Channels, select the leftLegForward morph.
5. Expressions tab.
6. Choose Builder, then a Utility/MorphLink expression
7. Configure as follows.

Controller - The left thigh bones pitch channel
Control Min - 0
Control Max - 90
Morph Max - 1
Morph Max - 0
Give it a name LeftThighSkinForward and Accept it, And Create it.

At this point I get the exception

A reference channel does not exist.

If I swap the morph and bone channels around in the above process, then this step works and I can assign the expression. However the bone motion does not affect the morph range :(

In addition, the morph of the thigh forward, also badly distorts the shin below the knee. I only really want the morph to alter displacement of points around the hip. Is there a method of limiting the morphs influence?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Chris