View Full Version : Lists and cell resizing ! Lists filtering!!

05-08-2004, 03:32 AM

Why lists and cells (where u tape texts and numbers) are so small in LW.

I try to use back powergons in LW8 (it's not my favorite tool in 7.5) and again the cell is so small that you can't see the all text.
Even in Dimension+ (plug) sometime the value is "cut".

Is there a reason. Is it a LW specifity ?

Same for lists. Anybody can explain me why the list of channels in the LW8 expression editor is so short ? I remember LW8 expression editor demo before LW8 is out, and the list was from top to bottom window...

I'd like to have filtering in lists.
A dropdown menu could make life easier :
When targetting an object (motion properties) for example, we could select which object type to be seen in the list, or just Lights, or ALL... and not scrolling down for hours... Even make favorites. Ojects that we use more.
Same for channel lists.

Please NT !!!