View Full Version : I crashed ver 8 modeler

05-08-2004, 12:02 AM
I thought I would try my luck at modeling a guitar. So I started with points to get an aproximate position for the front edge of the body. I then converted the points to a closed curve. Then froze the spline. I then extruded the face as beveling and super shift did not do anything. Then I changed the front and back faces so they were pointing in the correct direction. I then tried to bevel the front face. This is when I received the all too famous windows report generator. After the report was sent to Microsoft, I click on OK and then modeler closed.
Perhaps it is time for Newtek to start a sections on this forum to report bugs. So we can make the next point version much more solid.
Since I am still learning splines, it could have been necesary to merge polygons, but I didn't get a chance to find out. So if it was necesary, then perhaps the only bug would have been not receiving an error message telling me that what I did was wrong. which would have kept modeler from crashing.
One quick note, before I extruded the face, the face was pointing in the right direction, however the face was dark grey I assume is to let me know that it is non planer. Also there was no yellow line pointing from the face. I know it was the right direction, because one side you could see the other you could not. After I had extruded the face, the face was then pointing in the opposite direction. Go figure. However the sides of the extrusion was pointing correctly.

05-08-2004, 11:36 AM
Thumbs up to the idea of a "Bugs, Issues, Workarounds" forum node. There is nothing wrong with confirming bugs, or documentation errata, or whatever. All software has bugs.

A dead-end, no confirmation, no response bug reporting system is not a user tool, but it would be great to be able to check a highly moderated forum first before reporting a problem/issue on one of the many LW-dedicated forums.

NT, my suggestion would be to have your own people be the ones with rights to post the problem description/workaround info (if any) to this forum so it wouldn't get too cluttered. We the users would post our problems/issues to the other support forums which you are moderating.

Bob Hood's LScript mailing list was a good model for how this kind of thing can work. Users would confirm (or not) the reproducibility of a potential problem, then if confirmed Bob would eventually come back with status info: bug or as-designed or feature limition, problem in LScript or in LW proper, and whether a remedy would be available in the next release. I think that set up a very satisfying developer-customer relationship.

Give it some thought.