View Full Version : error- can't save object and points fly off to side

05-07-2004, 09:47 PM
has anyone ever come across this- i know i haven't. When trying to save some of my objects through modeler (as a new version), i get "error- file load or save incomlete due to input/output error or incorrect file format".

i am just doing a regular "file save object as" on regular objects that i have saved before without any problems. This doesn't seem to happen with all the files, but can't see any ryhme or reason in why it happens to some and not others.

After the error message comes up, some of the points will jump off the model and stretch into infinity as though you'd accidentally moved your mouse way over while having some points selected.

when opening the model in layout and trying to save through there, an error message comes up also ("error can't save").

Have tried restarting and deleting the config files, and that was about all i had in my bag of tricks, but to no avail....


05-07-2004, 10:45 PM
would u believe it was something very simple (as usual) I was out of disk space!! would've thought it'd just say something like "no disk space" or something- "error with input/output parameter" is pretty ambiguous!