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03-22-2003, 02:44 PM
I have been using 3d software for 10+ years (mostly 3ds max), but I am new to LW. Any input/advice on the following topics would be very helpful in my transition to Lightwave:

1- Tutorial Files:

The "Typical" PC installation (ver.7.5b from the original Newtek CD) installs a folder full of tutorial oblects and scenes files, but there does not appear to be any accompanying documentation, either on the installation CD-ROM or installed on my system. While looking at completed files is interesting, it is not very instructive without docs. Where can I find the documentation for these tutorial files (if there is any)?

I am aware of the abundance of tutorials available on the web. I am interested in finding documentation for the Tutorial files that are included with LW.

2- Saslite.p:

The Sasquatch Lite plugin has apparently not been installed on my system (I have uninstalled and re-installed LW in an attempt to correct the problem). How can I install it after LW has been installed? Is this a bug with the 7.5b patch?

3- Snaps:

3ds max, and Maya, to a lesser extent, have a variety of Snaps that facilitate modeling and animation transformations. These Snaps include: Grid, Endpoint, Midpoint, Vertices, etc. I have found very few references to Snaps in the printed manual or in the Html Docs, and these few references mainly refer to Grid Snaps. I was aware before buying LW that LW probably did not have an implementation of Snaps that rivals max or Maya. Any information regarding Snaps (including scripts/plugins) would be very helpful - I'm feeling kind of crippled right now!

Thanks in advance for any input you can provide.

Tim F. Minneapolis, USA

03-22-2003, 03:46 PM
As far as sas lite goes, lightwave doesn't automatically install plugins for u, u have to add them from within lightwave. So modeler or layout select the Modeler/Layour menu at the top left of the screen and find plugins/edit plugins. A window will popup, select the scan folder (or is it scan dir?) and browse to the x:\lightwave\plugins folder and hit ok. That should add every plugin within that folder(and its subfolders).

Now, snapping. Well lightwave has grid snap which can be adjusted to what ever size grid u want to use (hit d and the options are in there, under the interface tab i think), there is also a snap tool, that should allow you to snap one point to another point (interactivly ofcourse, dragging close to a point snaps to it), but to be honest iv never found the need to use it so i dont know how well it works.
Thats pritty much it out of the box, but again i just have never really found a need for anything more. Iv used max and the only snapping i ever used was grid snap from time to time.

Now the tutorial files, there isn't a specific Tutorial document but most if not all the files are used in little tutorials in your lightwave manual. But as u said there are heaps of tutorials on the internet (including on this site, and one of the best ones is http://members.shaw.ca/lightwavetutorials/), also Dan Ablans Inside Lightwave series of books are generally regarded as the lightwave bible :)


03-22-2003, 05:03 PM
Thanks, James.

I'll have to go through the printed manual more thoroughly to find the tutorial references to the files. I tend to use electronic media as a first resource because of hyperlinking and search functions, so I haven't ventured very far into the book. While I was waiting for LW to arrive in the mail I visited quite a few websites and read through quite a few tutorials in preparaion for the arrival of the software. I already visited and had the "members.shaw.co" page bookmarked; it IS a good page for reference info. I plan on returning quite a bit while I "cut my teeth" on LW. - ouch-

Regarding the Sasquatch Lite plugin...

I've already modified my plugin paths and loaded the plugins that were located in various folders (I bought a few shader plugs already). The problem is that the "saslite.p" file hasn't even been installed on my hard drive, so I can't load it in LW. I've searched for the file (any file with "sas*.* actually), and found 5 folders and 50 or so files that explicitly refer to Sasquatch, but no "saslite.p" anywhere. Guess I'll have to contact Newtek Tech Support directly; there may be a glitch with the installation CD.

Regarding Snaps...

I'm an environmental designer, so most of my work is architectural (rather than organic), so Snaps are really useful for creating clean, symmetrical, precise models. Coming from a background in AutoCAD and architecture, I've gotten pretty reliant on snapping. Not having good Snaps is one of the things about LW that most concerned me most before making the switch.

Thanks again for your input, much appreciated!


03-22-2003, 06:20 PM
re: snaps


03-25-2003, 01:31 PM
Thanks, Faulknermano.

I'll give them a try.

- Tim -