View Full Version : Potential driver lockup???

05-07-2004, 01:03 AM
This message is shown in the visor and I can't view any clips at all.
plese help


05-07-2004, 06:11 AM
First you should try to post your problem in the troubleshooting section.
Second you may want to go to the bottom of the page & try doing a search for this problem - this has been discussed in other posts recently.
Having said all that (and being a user who has this problem) I can tell you there does not seem to be one thing that is causing it.
Many months ago a Newtek tech explained to me that it means there is a problem with the codec you are using. Well I was digitizing with the RTV codec so I asked him what am I supposed to do - no response.
Clearly the message is telling you that the VT does not like the signal comming into it or I think more likely, a piece of code in their software that has to do with input/output has a problem.
One thing you can try is to go into the VT folder on the start menu and click on the "Kill WRTME" item. Then restart the toaster. This is the only thing that has been able to clear the error for me (but the problem still comes back).
I will post more after I get a chance to speak with Newtek (hopefully today).

05-07-2004, 08:40 PM
ok, The good news is that it looks like installing VT3-Update 3 fixes this problem BUT, you MUST perform a "Core update" as well. When I installed the update it did not ask me to do this. You can go into Star Menu/VT3/utilities & select "Core update" if need be.
The BAD NEWS.... Update 3 now causes the audio to stutter very bad . It is unuseable. (I am speaking of the timeline - have not verified passing audio through live).
It appears that you can render out your project & play that file without a problem.
Oh a "BY THE WAY" if you try to uninstall Update 3 you will not be able to open any of your projects (for me this was true even of old pre update 3 projects).

From what I am hearing it sounds like Newtek is not too eager to correct these production halting problems.
I've said it before - Newtek can release whatever new verisons or products they want. . . .We will not be spending another penny with them until the Three systems we own perform reliably.

05-08-2004, 03:35 AM
Thanks for all the informations. I start getting used to the audio problem (detected already on VT2 in my case) bad news for me . I guess it should have been kind of fixed now.
keep it running