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05-06-2004, 07:25 AM
Hi Folks,
I have been messing with HardFX in the last couple of days and stumbled upon some odd behaviour. This is what I have right now:
I made a scene with multiple ramps an a ball that is supposed to roll down these ramps.

After some tweaking I got the ball to roll down and not fall through the ramps anymore. Here is an animation (Quicktime 1.3MB) (http://www.projectbeta.de/hardfx/ramp.mov) of my current result.

Here are the settings I used:
Ramp object with FX Collision

Frame object with FX Collision

Ball object with HardFX
All other settings are default.

Right now I am not totally satisfied with the motion of the ball. It is to bouncy and to fast. But if I try to change any of the corresponding settings, the ball falls thru the ramp or frame object. E.g. changing Rotation(c/s) to anything other than 0%, changing Bounce for the ball to anything other than 0, changing the weight or gravity of the ball, changing the friction power of the ramp to anything other than 5, changing fix poweror even increasing the probability to something above 100%. This is true for almost every other setting, either they do not affect the movement or the ball starts falling thru the ramp.

That changing some of these setting produce errors is highly unlogic.

I also tried tesselating the ramp but only adding an edge in the middle of the ramp helped. Any other cutting produced errors.

Maybe someone has some tips for me to try out.
Here is the object and scene file (http://www.projectbeta.de/hardfx/fxtest.zip) if someone wants to mess with it.

Greetings Florian

05-06-2004, 11:00 AM
I don't have LW8 so I can't look at the settings but looking at the animation and the first picture you posted, the angle of the ramps looks to be quite steep, though it could just be the angle it's viewed at. Have you tried with shallower angles just to see if that gets you closer to where you want to be.