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05-06-2004, 03:51 AM


Spontaneous Combustion Artist Edition

A Lower Cost version of a Real-Time Fire, Smoke & Explosion Effects

Chicago, Illinois -- May 5th, 2004 -- DiscreetFX LLC Inc., Real-time
Broadcast Quality Visual Effects developer for the Amiga Video Toaster
Flyer, Video Toaster [2] and VT[3] releases a lower cost version of
Spontaneous Combustion to give Digital Artists a chance to incorporate
Spontaneous Combustion into their digital canvases and films. We are
expanding our website with a gallery and artist section and need
content. Artists that use Spontaneous Combustion in their original
works will be featured on the DiscreetFX website and promoted in
marketing and sales literature. If we find a digital film or work that
is exceptionally outstanding we will offer a cash incentive for its
use. This offer is only available to artists that can show examples or
web links of their past works. Also artists will have to verbally
agree to use Spontaneous Combustion in at least one future
static/animated piece or video. We feel strongly that Spontaneous
Combustion will make your productions more explosive and make them
sizzle so we are offering this great starving artists deal.

You do not have to own a VT[3] to take advantage of this offer since
Spontaneous Combustion is now fully Windows 98/2000/XP, Linux & Mac OS X compatible. You will need an image or animation package that can
utilize TGA sequences if you do not have a Video Toaster [2], VT[3],
Lightwave 3D or Aura/Mirage system. If you are an excellent writer and
would like to author some nice Spontaneous Combusion tutorials for the website we will also extend this special offer to one exceptional
individual wordsmith. For your money you get the following features.

Video Toaster [2]/ [3] version

1. Over 40 Real-time Broadcast Quality Fire Effects (DVEs) from Spontaneous Combustion on DVD-ROM & CD-ROM.

2. Over 40 Uncompressed Video Toaster [2]/[3] RTV files that can be used for advanced Compositing.

3. Over 40 complete TGA still image sequences of the Real-time effects
included that can be used with Mac OS X, Linux and Windows 98/2000/XP systems that don't have a VT[3].

4. Over 40 Effects to choose from. Many DVEs have Wipe and Overlay versions included.

5. This version of Spontaneous Combustion is the same as the full version. No features have been removed.

For more information please call toll-free @ 1 (800) 852-0930 or send an e-mail to sales AT discreetfx.com

Don't forget Shipping is FREE.