View Full Version : Hardware: how does it help?

05-06-2004, 01:47 AM
How do each of the components affect the performance of Lightwave (Does harddrive speed affect lightwave would a ultra ATA harddrive make a difference)?

Are video cards just for display (as in viewing the models within the interface environment) or does it do something more? What does open GL do and does it do it better than direct 3D?

How does RAM affect LW?

I understand that processor speed affects renedering time dramatically.

I read somewhere (I dont remember where so I cant confirm) that there was a upgrade in lightwave that had something to do w/ digital devices...what I saw was vague and I dont remember the exact wording. anybody know about this?

lastly, anyone know if newtek is planning a pach for the WIN 64 enviroment when that comes out later this year.

05-06-2004, 02:20 AM
LW is quite low on memory requirements unless you use lots of bitmap textures.

Basically you need a fast CPU, processor speed is king.

A 3d video card will help you model and preview your animation with a better feedback.

Enough memory to load all your textures, if you use too many the system will go into virtual memory using the HD instead and that is slow

HD, not really an issue unless you are loading large image sequences and even then it's not much of an issue.

There was some experimentation on doing OpenGL rendering, it was called "renderGL" Altho intrest died down a bit since it was so limited Nvidia is not giving up on the issue completely and they will release something called Gelato, first for Maya, but maybe a lightwave version later, it's basically a renderer that uses the cards processors.

For now the best investment you can do to speed up your rendering in lightwave is not hardware! it's sorftware. It's called Fprime and it's amazing. Realtime raytrace feedback and super fast rendering.