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05-05-2004, 08:40 AM
I am working an a project for a client and I have their logo in EPS format.

It loads fine into Illustrator CS (AI 11.0) but the Modeler crashes to desktop if I try to import it using the EPSF plugin. I've tested it with the Lightwave tutorial file and that works.

So, I tried saving the EPS as an AI file... but LW[8] doesn't work with AI v9 files... If I try saving it as an EPS from AI it doesn't crash Modeler but gives me 'Unable to read file' error.

I can export as AI v8 or EPS from v8 but nothing happens when I load it into Modeler, no error, no crash... nothing!

Anybody else any ideas?


05-05-2004, 09:06 AM
First, the EPSF loader in Modeler only works with v8 and below of Illustrator .Ai or .EPS

The reason is because v9 and up now uses the PDF file format and not Postscript like v8 and below.

Second thing to check, is the logo a bitmap embedded into an .AI / .EPS file? If it is the loader will ignore it, it only works with vector based artwork.

I've never had any problems with the EPSF loader in Modeler when saving v8 or below in vector format.

Hope that helps.

05-05-2004, 09:44 AM
Ah.. that explains a lot... Though the client sent me an EPS file it doesn't contain any vector information.

I dunno if it is just a bitmap in the EPS but it certainly isn't a vectored version of the logo, hence nothing turns up.

Thanks for the help, now to get the client to understand the difference and get a vector file...

hmmm that should prove interesting....:rolleyes:

05-05-2004, 10:20 AM
Sounds like it was an embedded bitmap then.

I get that a lot, you ask for a logo, preferably EPS or AI, they send you it only to find whoever created it doesn't know the difference! I'm sure they think it gets converted if you save it out as an EPS!

Something else that might be useful in the future is this website (assuming you have high profile clients!)


I've been surprised just how many logos I've needed and found here, even some obsure ones I though would never be there!

Nearly all in EPS format too!


05-06-2004, 07:28 PM
One thing to remember if your client does not have a eps/ai/pdf file of that logo. You could convert it your self. The programs for tracing bitmaps is definatly getting better. Hopefully there won't be too much clean up in Illustrator. I am not sure but Illustrator may have that feature as well, something to check on. I know Corel Draw does and they try to out do each other.