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03-22-2003, 12:20 AM
hi guys

I am currently looking at creating a mod for unreal 2003. I am quite familiar with lightwave, I am wondering if it is possible to create all types of models in lightwave and then export them into the unreal engine. I have seen the tutorial on the site, but it is just a door. I want to know if this is also possible for characters and terrain etc. And if it is possible, is it worth it? or would I be better off using max or something.


jin choung
03-22-2003, 04:15 AM

you can use lightwave to make props and brushes. look up the ut2k3 tutorial here on the newtek website.

terrain has to be done in unrealed as well as most of your rooms and levels. no getting around that.

i've heard you can use lw to export characters as actrorx assets but you'll have to hunt around for the lightwave plugin.

but if you really want to do game engine exports, i highly recommend that you get chumbalumsoft's MILKSHAPE3d. it'll import lw so you can do most if not all your work in lw and then use milkshape to export to every game engine under the sun.

it's $35 and a great deal of heahaches avoided.




03-25-2003, 05:07 AM
You can use LW pretty easily to export to UT2003 (heck, there is NO exporting, as UnrealEd 2 for UT2003 just uses LWO as a native fileformat for StaticMesh import)

You can do an entire level in LWs Modeler and Prerender Light and shadow using Layout.
You still need 1 BSP and a couple of lights to light you characters, but other than that...easypeasy...

(And as for Mod dev. UT2003 comes equiped with a very nice Uscript editor)

03-25-2003, 03:53 PM
thanks a lot for the reply guys, I think that's all I need to know. I got some plugin for lightwave to export character animation to unreal, I don't think that it's specifically for ut 2003 but it should work anyway right? because the engine is the same but enhanced. I certainly consider a copy of milkshape as well.


03-25-2003, 06:28 PM
hmmmm... interresting

Skarab, what plugin is this??

03-26-2003, 12:03 AM
I'm not sure whether it's any good, but this is the address that I got it from if your interested.



04-02-2004, 10:19 PM
If you can't get to that one (some people can't), then try this:


04-03-2004, 08:21 PM
Speaking of Unreal, I was just visiting Epic's website and as of April 1st they have job openings. One of the openings is for a character modeler.


We need experienced character modelers that will help make human (and alien) models come to life, across multiple game platforms and for a variety of titles. Character skinners are needed to take those models from rough polygons to the finished product.

Modeler Qualifications:

must have ability to model clean, readily-animated seamless polygonal characters from concept art
must be comfortable with organic and mechanical characters
must have expert-level proficiency in a production-quality tool, such as 3DStudio Max, Lightwave, Maya

Heh, for once LW is listed ahead of Maya :) Maybe they were just listing in alphabetical order.

Here is the link