View Full Version : LW8 Capsule Primitive - Better Interactvity

05-04-2004, 08:10 PM
The LW8 Capsule primitive should be updated to interactively work the way the Box primitive does.

That is to say that the user should be able to use the arrow keys to increase/decrease the sides/segments/divisions and that there should be little drag-diamond-symbol-thingies on each face of the 'cage' that the user can optionally grab instead of the corners to use to change the radius and height - just like with the box tool.

Consistancy between tools is a good thing.


The SuperQuadric primitive (controlling sides/segments via the arrow keys, plus the little drag-diamond-symbol-thingies) and Gemstone primitive (controlling Symmetry by the arrow keys plus a little drag-diamond-symbol-thingie for radius) should be updated in this manner as well.

Thank you,