View Full Version : Just got LW 8 in NH

05-03-2004, 04:11 PM
i just got LW 8 in New Hampshire today..... i can't wait to try it out. the only thing that shocked me was the dvd case it came in. only 2 spots for the cds and 4 cds. i am giong to have to find a new container to put them in. anyway just thought i would let you guys know. that LW came today. if i am out in the sticks i am sure everyone else will be getting LW soon!! have fun
PS NEWTEK rocks!!

05-03-2004, 05:40 PM
Hey Jonn, where in NH are you? I am from NH as well, originally from Wolfeboro (although I now go to school in VA, and technically live here)....but I haven't gotten my copy of 8 yet :( I was just curious where you were from, it isn't everyday that I meet someone from NH.

05-03-2004, 07:11 PM
I live in Keene. i grew up in ct but go to college in NH. i graduate this sunday!!! not sure where i will end up. anyhow You should be getting it soon...

05-03-2004, 07:39 PM
Awesome, I don't graduate until next year....good luck with graduation and everything!

05-03-2004, 09:11 PM
I just moved up to Dover last week and got word that mine just arrived at my old place in Boston...so yours should be soon!