View Full Version : How to present images in these forums?

02-11-2003, 09:14 AM
QUOTE]Originally posted by MGuerra
Ok, here's the deal. We can basically configure this board however you guys want. Here are the different options along with their pros and cons.

#1: Images can be displayed within the thread and can be any size.
Pros: You can see the images immediately.
Cons: Images larger than 500x500px will distort the layout of the entire form page (it will stretch the page horizontally). This is more of an aesthetic issue than anything.

#2: Images can be inserted as a link within the thread that will open in a new window. The image can be any size.
Pros: The layout of the forum remains in tact. You can post any sized image.
Cons: You have to click a link to view the image.

#3: No images are allowed.
Pros: None
Cons: Hmmm, well, this is obvious...

You guys tell me how you want it set up and I'll make it work. Personally, #2 is the best solution for me, but then I'm not the one posting images here. Whatever you want, you shall have... [/QUOTE]