View Full Version : Does this sound right / speed / video question

05-03-2004, 10:17 AM
Working with LW8, I load up the eagle23.lwo file in Modeler (4 views) from the space directory. Modeler slows down where as it can take 3-4 seconds to try and spin the object in perspective view. The model only has 118000 polys. According to Task Manager I am not using that much memory (350 megs out of 1 gig) and I am nowhere close to maxing the CPUs (dual 2.4 zeon). I have a Quadro 700 GXL (64 megs) powering dual 21 inch monitors at 1280x1024. So my thought is that video card could be the bottle neck. Does this sound right? If it does, what video card should I upgrade too? I was thinking of a Quadro 1100 FX but my motherboard only support 4x AGP.

05-03-2004, 03:36 PM
Anyone else with this issue?

05-03-2004, 05:25 PM
Bear in mind that the Eagle has 66,000+ subpatches which means at a sub-d level of 3 (which is what Modeler seems to default to now) you're talking 651,076 total polygons being displayed - my GeForceFX 5700 Ultra (pretty much identical to a QuadroFX 1100 as far as LightWave is concerned) starts to get sluggish around 200,000 polys so this isn't unusual...

05-03-2004, 08:29 PM
I have the Quadro 1100- it may be up for debate whether it is similar to the GeForce 5700 but even the 1100 will get slugged with high poly mods in the mid million range plus. I don't really know of a system available, unless you are on a quad, that will take mid-million plus mods with no slow-mo.