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04-30-2004, 11:38 PM
Got 8 today after work and installed it and everything was cool. The installation is done in about 10 seconds where as 7.5 took quite awhile to install from disk. This is cool.

I loaded 8 into its separate directory which it defaults too within 'c:\ program files' which is also cool because that is where it should go with all other programs rather than just 'c:' like 7.5 did. I had them both on my machine, but noticed that when I double-clicked existing LWO's on my desktop, it would open in 7.5.

No big deal right? Just map it to new LW 8 Modeler apllication. Does not work. Still 7.5. OK not a real big deal since I usually load stuff from file load within modeler, but I do occassionally just doubl-click an LWO to launch.

After realizing how much sweeter 8 is laid out than 7.5, despite all the smack that has stated here otherwise, I decided to delete 7.5 as this will also help me fix the annoying little "default-to-7.5-double-click" as mentioned above.

Delete 7.5. Double click existing LWO and "Program not found". Close this box and map to it via "properties, change application" and it turns into an Internet Explorer icon. WTF? Properties states it is an LWO, but double-click and get Internet explorer error. It does however still load from within Modeler. Weird.

Modeler or Layout are not recognized apps when trying to make the LWO and LWS defaults. If I map it to Modeler, again, Internet explorer.

I noticed that when I deleted 7.5 it did prompt me to locate a new program to open this file with after it stated that program does not exist. However, I just cancelled out of this to do it the tried and true way that works for every program around which is how I stated above. After all else fails I reload 7.5 to delete it again to get this prompt again.

This time, I delete 7.5 and launch an LWO. Program does not exist. Locate a program? OK. This works.

If I right click, properties though on an LWO, it states LWO, but staes that it is an unkown application. Same with LWS.

I am not sure if some setting in my machine is doing this or what, but it is weird. I was able to make an LWO linked to open with every program on my computer except 8 Modeler.

Maybe if another person deletes 7.5 they can verify if this is a glitch or not.

Other than that, 8 rocks.

04-30-2004, 11:57 PM
I had this happen once with other applications..It seems like some sort of MS Windows glitch. :confused:

Signal to Noise
05-01-2004, 12:17 AM
I installed [8] while [7.5] was still on my computer. I had zero problems in regards to the apps conflicting with one another. Clicked on my original 7.5 icons and 7.5 would open. Click on 8 and 8 would open. Once all my Worley plugs and UVEditPro were copied the their new home I nuked 7.5.

I did have a problem with entering the permanent license key using the Wizard tho'. I posted that in another thread so no need to rehash here. Got it to going and all is well.