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04-30-2004, 10:29 PM
! I was looking here at SuperMicro's Motherboard Matrix (http://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/matrix/) and noticed that some of the E7505 chipset boards have scuzzi controllers built right in. Some even have RAID controllers built in.
Are these the hardware controllers that are "Not Recommend" because of the Bursts. (Quote from system requirements)

"Hard drives used for video storage and retrieval should be striped in Windows. Hardware RAID cards push data in burst speeds which are not appropriate for video editing." (Unquote)

Coming from the mindset that having things on board that you don't need is a waste. Question1:
Do these controllers fit the bill for For Golden Brown Toast or is better to get a Seperate Controller Card?
I've read about taking advantage of the PCI (64Bit) X-Bus. Question2:
Do any of these boards with the built in controllers take advantage of that bus natively?
If they do then I won't need a SCSI adapter. (I see they can be pricey). If they don't then I would opt for a Mainboard without the onboard SCSI (Except for system drive perhaps).

And About setting up that striped Set. The only SCSI I know is zilch. Question3:
To set up say... 4 Drives do you buy a single cable with 4 connectors on it? Or how are the drives physically connected?

4th and final Question: Is Raid 5 OK or does it slow things down too much? Thinking about backup at this point.

Thanks to all and the admins. The forum looks great. beats the old news group look. (early VT(2) days)

Just a note about my local dealer whom I haven't met yet. He Switches a live demo once a month at a Local Church and he Is just 2 miles from my home.

Isn't life grand?


05-01-2004, 03:49 PM
According to the block diagram in the pdf copy of the motherboard manual, the onboard SCSI controller on a SuperMicro X5DA8 is on the PCI-X bus. It is also a dual channel SCSI controller, meaning you can (and should) have one half of the drives for your video array connected to one channel and the other half connected to the other channel. You get much better throughput that way.

A SCSI controller channel is connected to the first drive in a drive chain. The second drive is connected to the first drive, the third drive to the second drive, etc. Each hard drive needs its own unique identifier, which is set on a counter in the back of the drive. The last drive in a chain will need a terminator to end the chain.

In your example, drive 1 would be connected to channel A, drive 2 would be connected to drive 1, drive 3 would be connected to channel B and drive 4 would be connected to drive 3.

Any RAID other than sofware striping thorugh Windows (RAID 0) is hardware based and (I assume(!)) must be implemented in the controller's setup.

As for backing up your video array, It would probably be easier to get a LARGE external hard drive (250 gig - 300 gig) for backup. This would also work for your system and data drives.

05-01-2004, 05:27 PM
ThankYou Paulk for such a concise and helpful explaination!