View Full Version : LW8 made it to New York

04-30-2004, 04:33 PM
I just received it today. I kinda like how they reorganized the buttons. I still have not found some of the old buttons yet, like skytracer in layout. Perhaps it is on one of the other CD's I have not looked at yet. I did find a kinda bug. I say kinda because I am not familar enough with it yet to verify this. I was trying out the rounder feature and the new edge bevel and I received an error saying to save all work because modeler maybe unstable. After clicking OK the three windows were no longer in sync with each other. There maybe a way of reseting the windows, I don't know. However restarting modeler corrected the problem.
Rounder did not do what I expected it to do. It rounded the whole face of the poly rather than just the edge. Selecting points give a neat effect, but it is not what is necesary other than it will give a round face to work from. I expect to beable to select one or more edges of the face and create a rounded edge. I did not try selecting two or more faces. I may beable to get similar results by selecting two joining faces. At this time that is only a guess. Perhaps someone who has purchased this plugin before could give a little more insite.