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04-29-2004, 12:48 PM
Hi, i'm looking into buying a VT[3] for editing (no live switching or anything too fancy). I will be mainly editing DV. Would a P4 systems with 10k SATA drives be fast enough? I've heard yes from a few people, but i want to see what you guys have to say. The specs i'm looking at now are:

- Supermicro P4SCT+II (SATA, PCI-X, etc)
- P4 E 2.8 Ghz (800 FSB, 1 MB cahce, HT)
- 1 gig of crucial memory (what speed do you guys reccomend? does it matter much?
- Western DIgital 36 gig 10k rpm boot/system drives
- 2 western digital 74 gig 10k drives for video (in raid)

I would think this system would be capable of handling multiple streams of DV, mabye even uncompressed. What do you guys say?


04-29-2004, 06:03 PM
Interestingly enough, the SuperMicro P4SCT+II motherboard is also under discussion in the thread "P4 Vs Xeon". as a possible compromise between a standard P4 875P motherboard with only 33mhz PCI slots and a Dual Xeon 7505 motherboard with PCI-X slots. Apparently, it's not shipping in quantity yet. If you can find one, good luck.

If by P4E you mean the Prescott core as opposed to the Extreme Edition (P4EE), based what I've seen on www.tomshardware.com and www.anandtech.com, the Prescott cpu isn't quite ready for prime time. It runs hotter and no faster (in some cases slower) than a Northwood (P4C) cpu.

FWIW, Tom's Hardware ran an article on the Intel Prescott, comparing it to Northwood, Extreme Edition and various AMD cpu's
(http://www6.tomshardware.com/cpu/20040201/index.html). One test was runnning LightWave 7.5c, rendering "Variations.lws" at 1280x1024. The P4EE 3.4 Ghz cpu completed the scene in 120.5 seconds. The P4C 3.4Ghz cpu took 121.6 seconds. At 3.2 Ghz the times were 132.4 seconds and 132.6 seconds, respecitvely. Is Extreme Edition worth the extra bucks? You make the call.

Run DDR400 ram. It runs at the maximum speed for the FSB. Anything else is slower and not worth it.

I would use regular ATA system/data drives. They're cheaper with higher capacity and the money saved could buy a third (or fourth?) WD 74gig Raptor drive for the video array.

04-29-2004, 08:45 PM
FWIW, I'm happily editing DV on a system much slower than that. :p (P4 2.4GHz, 533FSB, 1GB Rambus, 2-drive PATA RAID). So you should be pleased with that system or something near it.