View Full Version : Effective animation tools

04-29-2004, 11:26 AM
I have had 8 just a couple of days and I haven't seen what I'm looking for yet.

I believe It would be good to develop the original IK system which I believe to be far more stable and predictable than the IK boost method.

I would like to see a good solid simple to use slider controlling FK/IK blending on joint groups.

Similarly, a slider controlling Dynamic parenting.

IK locking to goals more solidly, with an option of automatic 'stretch' to reach the goal if necessary.

A slider to blend 'match to goal' on and off or to match different items

A system to animate a spine by IK so that one can move and rotate either end effector of the spine and the spine will deform naturally and other end will stay put. Very useful for quadropeds

A 'post processing' system that eliminates jiddering on IK solves by smoothing out the rotational curves

a spline deformer that can just affect part of an object so to animate lips etc.

I'm sure some of these are possible using complicated expressions, but if they were integrated as simple to use features then Lightwave would be far more appealing to animate with.

after hours of experimentation, I currently see only a very limited use for the IK booster system and nothing that addresses the above.