View Full Version : Where I want my 2 development $s spent

04-29-2004, 11:15 AM
I hope that some of the money I've spent on LW8 will go into these R & D items. Hell some are just "D" and require little "R". These are the things that will keep me using LW in the future- unless you come up with some better solution. That is always welcome!

All I really need from Newtek in 8.5 are these things, they've been listed before so this is nothing new but it seem they are the things that are needed to keep LW healthy:

Continue on with developing the IK enchancements, dynamics, and work flow improvments. So far so good...but we need great or better than...

Get some sub-pixel displacement going. A lot of apps have it...and it's becoming a standart part of even OK 3D apps.

Open up the SDK even further- I know it's getting worked on- but we need it opened up. This alone might stop 50% of the feature requests from being listed (even the sub-pixel displacement one I listed) as it would allow for independent development of those features. Since FPrime came out there are fewer requests to have the native LW renderer made faster...

Some form of sub surface scatering would be nice too- even if it isn't the best- just noise free (unlike ska). G2 is great but you shouldn't have to purchase extra software to get basic SAS. You can fake it all you want, but for manythings it looks just like that: fake.

I can hold off on edges and real nurbs and a history for now if these items are solved.

Start offering package deals with major 3rd party developers such as Worley. Many people would love to have the option of getting FPrime or G2 at a discount with a LW upgrade or purchase. Maybe even instead of DFX+ or the like.

Why listen to these things? Because posts like this are frightning: