View Full Version : newbie needs advice - part2

04-29-2004, 09:24 AM
Hi folks. Thanks to those of you who posted replies to my previous missive.;)

Incidentaly, the reason I used the machine even though there were problems was to assist a client out of a log jam and indeed he has come back so it was worth it.

It seems that the dealers dont know everything either!!! There are two versions of the updates one for the USA and one for the rest. The byte sizes are the same but no one is saying what the differences are.

Due to the dealer wrongly installing US2 on my machine it now has to be stripped and all reinstalled.:mad: More data should be provided on the update pages so that this cannot happen again.

Operationally the system is great - not withstanding the current problem - however I would be gratefull for any thoughts on this:-
Job:- Live show to P.A, Big Screens and Plasmas.
A) Four Cameras - Three DDR's (pre-recorded items) - CG.
B) Video tape playback (late items)(through VT[3])
C) SX-8 switched to'Live'

When SX-8 is 'Live' to remove the audio sync error, I cannot playout DDR audio - errm... this seems fundamental to a live show. So how is it done - any ideas gratefully received.:)