View Full Version : Solution for Toaster 2 systems won't work with Toaster 3

03-20-2003, 10:41 PM
Here is a possible solution for your computer systems that are not up to specs with the new Toaster 3.
You not only can utilize your old computer, but you can have a real time MPEG 2 DVD compliant encoder off the timeline of your project, a great non-linear editor that is rock solid, and utilize Boris FX, Hollywood FX, Video Spice transitions, Adobe After Effects directly into the format for the editing system, Speed Razorís editor, all the DVD authoring software available, and most of your software, plus give you a second non-linear editor workstation that can networked with the Toaster 2 or 3 and the work you create on this system will work with the Toaster 2 or 3.
All you need to do is buy this:

Digisuite LE MAX card set and BOB for sale.
Includes: Matrox Digisuite LE Card, the Matrox MAX card, Audio and Video Break out boxes. Excellent condition. We are currently using these cards in a non-linear setup. Guaranteed to work. $3300.00 plus shipping. Call 503-524-1780, email: [email protected] Ask for Randy.

Check this link to insure compatibility first: http://matrox.com/video/support/dsmax/rec/home.cfm

Then your ready for using your old system. We have 5 editing systems and do this all the time. It will increase your work production and give you more choices for your clients.