View Full Version : Would it be useful to post an NON OFFICIAL online survey?

04-28-2004, 01:14 PM
I was thinking that it might the more productive/usefull to post
an online survey to capture in an organized way the features that the community wishes to have to future versions of Lightwave.

I am willing to develop and host this sort of survey on my dime

There is no hidden agenda here, just a wish to see LW progress.
The people could post their comments freely since No personal information would be captured, just comments and multiple choise questions. this is done so people could be free to comment what they have in mind.

I am a software developer based in the DC area and it has struck me that I have never seen a LW feature survey.
Doing this sort of thing is a snap. The nice thing of online surveys is that statistical reports are a snap to produce.

What do you guys think?


04-28-2004, 01:20 PM
These are the kind of questions I have in mind:
* Where would you implement this feature? Layout. Modeler?
* Is this a new feature?
* In what area? (dynamics, rigging, rendering, modeling or animation tools?
* Describe its workflow.
* Does it intereact with others parts of the application?
* Is this based on a SIGGRAPH paper or ongoing research?
* How critical is this request?

04-29-2004, 01:22 PM
Being said that i absolutely dunno if it's useful doing a similar operation, and that the development of Lw depends only from newtek decisions and staff, here is my feature wish taken from another thread, but i added a bunch of things.

1) hope that during the 8.x cycle Lw will be integrated as Dr Cross said into a new environment.

Nt should take very seriously the occasion to build up a structure in wich, with common tools of modeler, we operate into an unique environment. this can be made programming in C++ and using part of the code, so what it requires is only a good programming.

the only fact of integrating the 2 app, will bring many advantages. for example u will be able to use modeler's tools in an animation environment, solving many issues about things we are not able to do easily in Lw, like animated booleans, or animated modelling. previous modeler's toos could be also used fro manipulating geometry to fix deformations.

another advantage the integration will bring is for example to be able to completely setup a char into one environment, from weightmapping, to endomorph, to rigging, prepering it completely for animation.

the mixed use of the app wich such an integration will bring will allow alot of flexibilitu and power at the same time.

to those wich think that the final UI will be too cluttered i reply sincerely this isn't true, cause you can find the hell of methods to organize a UI keeping things ordered, and allowing the user to build up layouts in wich he can work project related to accomplish its task.

2) SDK update. and documentation. SDK is SO important it's a really base thing in the app that will allow (like all users know) 3rd parties and the programmers themselves to build up great plugins operating smoothly between each other and more important, with the core of the app.

i cant' add much more than underline the importance of such an enhancement: this could brng Lw to the next step (just because the app has also great plugin authors both free and commercial) a good thought would be to define some rules or standards in the app. for example , to use as a base tool the numeric panel for most of pluging, unless they don't require a preview.BTW many tools have to mbe interactive in this last case, viewports could be a good way to go as well as floating windows if the user want to use them.

3) since it is the really weakest part of the app yet, enhancing animation tools its needed. look at programs like MB and messiah. they rock in speed animating and ease of use.
the common tools we just have currently in modeler will be of great help for animation. too many users are forced to use messiah or go in other apps for animation. of course you can animate in lw and do good works, but mixed pipelines are very common and instead shouldn't be SO common.

4) introducing snaps with the grid.modelling/animating this is really needed for sure.

5) introducing NURBS at least for building curves/deformation curves and primitives.

6) construction history with possibility to disable if needed.

7) instances. in modelling they are a need and give alot of flexibility to the process, also for jobs with clients wich want changes on the fly, and much more.

they also allow to obtain a faster rendering when alot of similar models are on the scene.

8) Ngons and real edges

here i coupled 2 things wich could tbring different tools requests.
edges are needed as items to be selectable, removable and allow edge weighting and creasing. no big fan of edges for manipulation, but a good fan of less geometry to get cool results, especially for design modelling and other tasks.

the n gons and edges will bing also the possibility to model organic shapes with sub d without tad to poly modelling if you have a n sided wich doesn't get subpatched. this will allow also to remove edges or partially cut the shape, while subpatched as well. maybe not my preferred way of work, but a powerful and flexible way for many users for sure.

9) unlimited undos for everything

8) fully customizable UI in Colors, panels organization, font dimension item visualizations units and layouts etc. all in one panel.
Take a serious look to Macromedia's Flash MX and also to Coreldraw photopaint UI. It rocks. see attachables panels and nestable too. copy them.
could also add an XML UI to solve many needs for users and better customize the interface

10) updated screamernet. it doesn't work properly.

11) coupled with our traditional surface editor, a nodal surfacing editor for complex tasks. i'd say coupled, because for base tasks , the curret surface editor seems to me quite good, while for more complex tasks a nodal editor would be a good enhancement.

12) updated and solved UV distortions and seams with sub -d

13) better updated UV tools.

14) allow 3rd party renderers to work smoothly and be supported with Lw. Fprime of course, and Mray and others. IMO Fprime should become a new rendering engine for Lw in the future.

15) better import / export for eps DXF and cad files

16) document extensively all areas of the app. also test heavily the app with huge animation projects. the less workarounds it requires, the better the app.

17) kill the hub. it will have no need in an integrated app.

18 interactive modelling tools in modeler. the more interactive they are, the best. with the new SDK this will be possible also for plug tools.

19 better measuring tools, like quotes in viewports.

20 better Open Gl features.

21 a manipulator, like in Maya, for rotation translation scale, wich signales when i use these tools. it0s useful both if someone wants to use clicking on the arrows and its pointers and also for who use keyboard shortcuts.

more to come.