View Full Version : experiences on shuttle based network ?

04-28-2004, 05:12 AM

I'm taking infos / advices about my next work station
as mine is too old now. I'm quite newbie on that point
as I was on Mac before and would like to switch for PC
(I don't know PCs at all).

For space saving and avoiding noise reasons I'm thinking
about building a mini-render farm network,
based on barbones/shuttles, let's say I'd like to get 4 units
of them and would start with 2 at the begining.
Each would contain I guess an Intel 2,8 or 3 Ghz proc,
and I also need to use this for work so I think
one of the machines would have a great graphic card…

I'm getting interesting advices on what to chose and how to configure,
but am worring about what a guy told me on a french forum.

He said such machines would'nt like to compute intensively (night and day)
because as they're small the heatness does not leave as well as on
classic computers…

Anyone has experiences / advices about such a working station / render station ?

04-28-2004, 05:45 AM

I actually a small RF with 3 shuttles working 24/7 and it works well.

The new one gots a big heating system and the fans are very quiet (big grid in the back and in 1 pannel).

I'm happy with this solutions.

laurent, Paris.