View Full Version : Scale Units Problem?

04-28-2004, 03:25 AM
Can anyone help..?

In lightwave I'm building a 3d room to realistic measurements for a 3d engine.

What I guess I need is a generic unit of measurement that does not change name/denomination as it increases.

- i.e. move from 1cm to 1m to 1km
- but stay as 1cm to 100cm to 1000000cm

What happens is on export of a 100cm cube, it becomes 1m in Lightwave then imports into the engine with a value of 1cm.

I would like to avoid scaling in LW [keep real measurements and sanity] and avoid scaling in the engine [collision problems].

Its a small, but extremely annoying problem that effects workflow, and means when scaling I end up re-checking and comparing results from different settings.

Any help would be appreciated...