View Full Version : Popping joints

04-27-2004, 08:07 PM
Hello again I have another "How to" question.
I have made several models of people and even a fuzzy bunny and I am confident in my ability to model what I want but when it comes to the animation side im still lacking. I have figured out how to apply bones so that there is no need for weight maps in most of my models. I set up my simple IK chains and start moving nulls around to get animations but when I render that animation I get very bad popping of the joints... so after that long explanation here is the real question. Is there a simple way to correct this... it is a matter of adding in restraints or what is causing it? I have my model build and prebent in the joints so from what I hear you donít really need constraints cause of the prebending. Please help its annoying me a lot .