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04-27-2004, 05:17 PM
Three Hours Of Private Phone* / Internet Training From LightWave 3D Expert Lee Stranahan - renowned teacher of hundreds of LightWave seminars worldwide, co-author of WordWare's new LightWave Tips And Tricks book, and animator / visual effects artist for TV shows and films

Introductory Offer - Only $100, payable via credit card using PayPal.

You pick the topics - schedule at your convienence!

This is a great way to learn - customized, personal training for less than you'd pay for a couple of videos! Lee has retired from seminar touring, but now you can learn from one of the world's leading LightWave experts, at home or at work - on your schedule. Break up the time any way you want - the 3 hours can be all on the phone, or a combination of phone calls and customized, step-by-step training videos delivered to you via email. It's an amazing value!

Suggested Possible Topics

LightWave Fundementals

Surfacing And Texturing


Basic Modeling, including subdivision surface modeling

Speeding Up Workflow

Worley and other Plug-Ins

System Customization And Configuration

Basic L-Script Programming

Soft Body Dynamics.

Career Development

Interested in Advanced Modeling or Character Animation? These aren't my areas of speciality, but feel free to ask for a recomendation.

This is for LightWave 3D Version 7.5

BONUS : With certificate, also recieve a free training CD with hours of material!

If required, winning bidder will be for long distance phone charges. Sorry for the small typing.

Want to learn? Email [email protected] now for more info!