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04-25-2004, 04:25 AM
:) So we scraped the cash together (expensive in the UK) got the kit, and it looks good.....but works - with a lot of problems to the point where we cannot trust it.

First a point on installation - we appear to have vt files on the video drives - should this be? No response from dealer on this! :confused: I thought all 'operational' files and housekeeping should be separated from the video content.

The system is not performing as it should with unexplained stops and crashes. I feel that at any given moment the system is on the edge of it's resources and will crash. In many instances this happens without any error message being displayed - it just stops responding.

This system is installed in an OB unit and I obviously cannot continue to go through the embarrassing situation of not being able to trust the system and feeling my clients disapproval when the system stops and has to be restarted. Up to now I have lost two clients and the income from them.

How people can claim that the system can run all these facilities without crashes I would like to know. It's gone well beyond a joke.

Can anyone help please as I have an important job on Wednesday with Sport England in Nottingham, and Robin Hood has very sharp arrows!!.:eek:

Some of the other problems we have encountered so far are:
A) - When loading, the system requires the us-2 update disc to be in the CD drive, even though the updates are fully installed.
B) - error message: real-time media engine launcher has encountered a problem and needs to close - tell M.S. etc - Beethoven API usage error.
C) - error message: bad object ID = CO debt bad - launch de-bugger
D) - some crash causes: 1) attempting to replace a DVE from the filebin - 2) running two DDRs at the same time - 3) typing in text to the CG - 4) changing between desktop 1 (live operation) and desktop 2 (editing) - system will start to load but will then freeze and have to be shut down.
E) - when restarting from an enforced shut down via the task manager - the system box asking - due to the unclean exit - do you want to re-configure all boxes appears. If the answer is NO the system will restart but will often stop partly loaded with the 'loading' box on. The only way round this is to shut down again, answer YES - lose all the configurations and set it all up again when the software has reloaded. This is both annoying and time consuming.
F) - the material which I have loaded from the manual content disc does not run smoothly. Stutters at all times. This was a straight load from the disc into the E:\ vt clips folder.
G) - random inputs - i.e. blk3, vtedit2 and cg4 - are added to the switcher when it is loaded.
H) - when a proper shut down has been performed the computer often will not switch off.
I) - after capturing an external clip I find both .rtv and .wav audio files for each clip have been recorded. Is this correct? in addition the .wav is out of sync with the .rtv audio. Typically 2 seconds.
J) - play back situation: DDR1 has a video edit loaded (sequence made up from the manual content clips) DDR2 has another two clips loaded. These are two versions of the same edit one shorter than the other. If the clip in DDR1 is played to program out, and then one of the clips in DDR2 is started and mixed on to the program out both clips slow down and stutter.

Now all you computer wiz-kids will probably know all the answers to these problems but I am not a computer wiz-kid - So any help will be gratefully received. :(

VT[3] + SX-8 & RX-8 + Genlock

04-25-2004, 08:51 AM
I have really never seen these problems..strange

Your equipment is more than able to do what you want it to.

Did it work with just VT2 running?

All VT files SHOULD be on the C drive cept the DVEs and a few RTVs that are loaded, which should go to the video drives.

When you point to where you want software loaded, do you guide it to the C drive? It might auto point there but I always do all my software thru the browse button (habit from the Amiga),even tho I go right to where it auto wanted to do it.

Until you get the program files onto the C drive then you probably won't get rid of the studdering (all resource usage and video uasage coming from same drive).

If your dealer can't fix this then what does he do???
To me , it should have been tested thuroughly before delivery and something like what your going thru SHOULD have been caught.

04-25-2004, 09:16 AM
I have never seen it running with just vt[2] running - How would I do that? - I bought it with the VT[3] upgrade already installed - When I went to see it running the crashs I witnessed were put down to having to install the upgrade patch at least twice. US-2 has been installed again since then.

I will not be able to speak to the dealer until Monday - Hopefully to work out a way forward.

One person who - I thought was a friend - and is experienced with the software wants 1000 per day to drive from London to Nottingham to fix it. His client base must be on a very different financial world to me!!:rolleyes:

04-25-2004, 10:34 AM
When I went to see it running the crashs I witnessed were put down to having to install the upgrade patch at least twice
He/She should have NEVER sold it in that condition. And it doesn't bode well if he/she can't get it right.:mad:
That's just unthinkable........

Don't know what warrantee you got but if you are allowed to then I would start all over.

Remove ALL VT software (even in the REGEDIT files) and reload, pointing directly to where you want it loaded (on the C drive)

Load untill Ver 2 is in then try it out, if all is well then do the ver3 update.

If you can't do that because of warrantee, then the dealer is your only hope (sorry:( )

The specs of your machine should make you just fly along in happy bliss.

04-25-2004, 10:54 AM
I will come back after high noon on monday - after speaking to the dealer - and to see if there are any further replies from you guys. - cheers.

04-25-2004, 12:19 PM
Sorry - Further note:- If the same device - say a camera - is routed to two inputs - how do I ensure that VT processes them in the same way. i.e. the colour on the prog output to be the same from both inputs.
At present I have the following:
one input with an overall blue loss (yellow/green hue) on preview but correct on the dedicated camera monitor and pregram output - switch over and the blue loss switches over.
Change the input pairs and routing changes the actual inputs but still produces this difference between preview and prog. Very odd.

04-25-2004, 03:43 PM
Originally posted by roybast
a) I will not be able to speak to the dealer until Monday - Hopefully to work out a way forward.

b) One person who - I thought was a friend - and is experienced with the software wants 1000 per day to drive from London to Nottingham to fix it. Hmmm....

a) assuming you are not separated by more than 100km or so, any dealer worth his salt would be at *your* door first thing Monday morning and wouldn't leave until it was working correctly.

b) 1000 per day? You need a better class of friend. If your dealer is not up to the task, pay my airfare and I'll fix it for less than half that amount ;)

(Actually, my wife would kill me for leaving town so soon after NAB, but that price is ridiculous.)

c) ... I know, there is no c ... but I suspect the majority (though not likely the entirety) of your problem is display card related ... Got an nVidia card? Got the Desktop Manager enabled? Disable it, if so...

04-25-2004, 08:30 PM
Dealer or not, you really should do a 'complete' clean off and re-install. In fact if you have very little other files or programs, your best route may starting over with an OS install. Doesn't sound like fun, but it really doesn't take long, less than an hour, then VT install will take about 20 or 30 minutes. Hopefully your dealer can help you with all this.

Many people have had issues at one point or another and manage to work through them but you are having enough problems that indicates something is definitely wrong.

It may even be worth it to call Tech Support here in the States to help you clear out and reload VT3. I did that with them a couple of months ago and they stick with you through the whole process right up to the last patch. Took about 25 minutes on the phone, but that sure beats 1000.

04-25-2004, 08:47 PM
I agree with Steve and bradl, this machine should work and I would expect your dealer to be there for you first thing Monday. Your VT files should be on your system drive and I have had good luck putting my DVEs on the system drives as well. I think Steve is looking the right direction when he mentioned your display card, that or it may be bad memory or heat.

Although I know the system should work I am wondering why you tried to edit in front of clients before you ran it through its paces, I know I have done things like this but I thought it was just me.


05-02-2004, 07:42 PM
Hey guys ... just for the record I maintain 4 VT3 machines in this area... all of these machines have the VT3 files on the video drive.
I believe NT has these install on the video drive so that when you upgrade the SW it's a sure thing you're not going to overwrite any projects etc.

Paul Lara
05-03-2004, 06:27 AM
Originally posted by roybast
In many instances this happens without any error message being displayed - it just stops responding.

This is typicallly symptomatic of a corrupt video driver.
Uninstall to a generic VGA display, and install the latest nVidia Detonator drivers.