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04-23-2004, 10:43 AM
QuickPickerPro (http://www.kvaalen.com/QPP/)

QuickPickerPro is a LightWave plugin that gives the user a graphical interface where he/she can click and select parts of a rig from a background image. Posing and animating is quite different with it.

The plugin is configurable in many ways including the background image, the click areas, the items to select, the tool to select (move, rotate, sliders) and you can also load/save settings (the plugin comes with a bunch of settings files and images).

QuickPickerPro also takes into consideration the 3 mouse buttons(though they are not a must), shift clicking, control clicking, and the most used short cuts when posing or animating.

QuickPickerPro is very easy and clean. Also, special care was taken to make sure there were no bugs (though there is no guarantee).

Please visit www.Kvaalen.com/QPP (http://www.kvaalen.com/QPP/) for more information.

The current price is $22 with a special discount for those who own the T4D Rigging Tools: only $16!