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04-23-2004, 02:28 AM
LW8 no dongle mode 400points,watermark no save in layout?

i'm asking if anyone who has lw 8 to pull there dongle out to find out what the limitations of lw8 are compared to lw 7.5 in DE or no dongle mode.

with most new stuff being created for lw8 being in layout i'm wondering if layout now has some sort of limited save feature and if they ditched the nasty check patteren watermark for a limited size render say 320x240 with a "newtek" watermark
in a lower corner...this would then put lightwave 8 DE or "no dongle mode" in a similar position to maya PLE and make it useful for people wanting to try out lightwave before they buy it.

currently prospective users can only really try out modeler as there's no save in layout.....to boost sales they need to have a PLE style version of layout....if people can't continue to TRY out their software the next day but have to totally re build a scene and only hold it "live" in memory then it's going to be difficult for new users to grasp the power of layout so possibly losing a potential sale of lw8 in the proccess.

I belive it would be peferable to have a limited size render with a small newtwek logo watermark in a corner of the render to say this came from "lightwave"..a render size of 320 x 240 would be sufficiant IF it wasn't obsured by a chequered pattern...

well we'll see soon enough when my copy turns up.

if it doesn't do something like the above newtek should get onto making a PLE version as soon as so they can gain more sales from NEW users and not simply upgraders from 7.5

steve g

steve g

04-23-2004, 02:47 AM
yes, thatīs a great idea. and nt should really promote such a version. much better than maya ple is the softimage exp or whatever its name is. you donīt habe that nasty watermarks in the modeler background. i think that would really help to try out before buy....

04-23-2004, 03:42 AM
I agree 100% with the rendered image with a newtek watermark. The current solution with the chequered pattern is too confusing to the eye, people often find it difficult to see the image never mind the rendering quality.

On the subject of increasing the number of points savable by modeller, I think this could be counter-productive. Even increasing the output to say 1500 points, would open up the 'demo' modeller as a professional solution for small game studios, without adding a penny to the Newtek coffers.

If you open up Layout for saving, it gets worse. A small studio could have machines set up with the 'demo' for character animation, lighting setups etc, all without the neccessity for extra licenses.

Of course, a time limited demo would get around these problems, but in your case Steve, if you're teaching students over several months, this could cause more problems than it solves.

Sorry for the 'downer' post, just thinking about it from a business point of view.

[edit - Business point of view=me=tight fisted :p ]


04-23-2004, 04:04 AM
i think the modeler side of things is fine and very workable "as is"
with the 400 point limit per layer...for teaching and for students who hav't bought a EDU anything yet to work at home with.

but seeing as lw is mainly ALL about layout in this release then a demo mode that you can't save anything in and looks disgusting is hardly goint to get prospective user out rushing to buy the software!

havig said that i have to date got 8 students convinced enough with my into to lightwave course with the DE version to go out and buy the commercial version of lightwave 7.5...no one bothered to get the EDU version...they all leaped from demo version to FULL commercial version.

Obviously i'd like them to see a full on lightwave in college and i'm working on getting a few seats of EDU lightwave here but we also need maya, max, premier and many other software aps to be upgraded or bought so the budget is being squezzed...and i do ot want to keep bringing in my full version and dongle to class as i ususally have it rendering back at home...

i have had the biggest success in turning students to buying lightwave full even though the 3d course here is run around 3dsmax by everyone else who teaches 3d....some students have bought edu max and many have cinema CE 6 though only one has really put the time in to learn it even though it was only Ģ6 from a magazine....CE6 has a limited render size until you upgrade it for Ģ80.

myabe i should start teaching cinemaCE???
at least you can save in it when animating etc.

i've done wonders ingetting around the De limitations so far with a intro course but when it comes to animating all their work is lost when you power off..even those who have lightwave commercial will need to re create their work theydid in class back at home.

the solution wld be some edu seats here...
i'm working on it!

steve g

04-23-2004, 04:35 AM
8 full seats? nice one, go to the top of the class. :p

Something just came to mind regarding saving scenes. Eyeon's DFX demo allows you to save scenes (flows). It's limitation is that the flows you save are ONLY re-loadable within the demo version of DFX - Clever :cool:.

The problem with using this idea within layout is the fact that the scenes within LW are text files and easily editable. However, a quick fix to encrypt demo scene files for the demo and decrypt for reloading would be a possible workaround and one that wouldn't be too time consuming for Newtek to implement.

Could well be worth your time requesting this feature for the demo. The fact that you are doing such a good job in selling full versions of LW during your courses could well help the process along.

Good Luck.


04-23-2004, 08:55 AM
Saving more polys wouldn't be bad. People still can't use the demo for commercial work, it just means more hobbyists would be able to use the modeler demo constructivly.