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andy gee
04-22-2004, 04:01 PM
Hi to everybody

this problem has got me stump like nothing before. In my scene

i have about four spot lights one distant light and a point light.

they all have either raytraced shadows or shadow map shadows

some spot lights have volumetric properties. Also i have a

skytracer Moon in the scene for the night sky background image.

Now i followed some suggestions in my previous post ie:

check all lights to see if they positioned properly(they are),

check for sprite volumetric lights (there are none).

so i decided to remove the sky tracer option along with the

sun/moon light source !!. I replaced the background image

with a night sky image and bingo no harsh line. I rendered

the scene after a few changes and it was good no harsh line

i changed the background image and re rendered and wham

harsh line city !!! So what the hell is going on in my scene ??

At first i thought that it was sasquatch but at first the scene

was fine with sasquatch and then it wasnt. The last thing i tried

was the multithreading option in the rendering tab. I changed

it from 8 threads to 1 and the scene got brighter and it got

rid of the split line. At the moment i think that the problem

is the point light which illuminates

my scene. It is set to raytrace shadows. Now when i turn the

shadows off the line dissapears and the scene is brighter.

when i turn it on the scene is darker up to the top where the split

is: Its almost as if the light is trying to do both. BUT its a

standard point light no volumetrics at all. intensity at 50% and

orange colour. So i am well and truley stumped. if any body can

help me then that would be brilliant.

thanks again Andy gee

04-22-2004, 07:05 PM
Can you check if the Line happens to be where the "horizon" of the 'zero' grid plain is. I've had this problem a long time ago (LW 6 or maybe even 5.6)

Try testing your shadow types by setting them to all the same type and see if one is causing the problem. My problem (if I remember correctly) seemed to be caused by one of the lighting shadow types and I remember it coorelating to the position of the horizon (the ture lightwave horizon- obviosly the model doesn't have to be on the 0 Y-axis and the models "horizon" would be arbitrary and not effext anything.)

Let me know and I'll do a few tests.

PS what verson of LW are you using?

andy gee
04-24-2004, 04:41 AM

just so that you know i am using lightwave 7.5

all the lights and there properties are fine.

I have discovered though that the line only effects the cave

object for some reason. Not the Caveman object, But

The only way i can make a difference in the scene is to

either delete the point light ! or move it form the center of the

distant light on the Z axis which changes the look of the cave

to something i dont want. Thanks again for the help, if you

can help anymore then that would be great !!

Thanks Andy Gee